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Putin Praises Five BRICS Nations for Firm Stance on Global Arena, Defending World Majority

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the audience of the 15th BRICS summit, highlighting the most crucial issues of global policy and economic cooperation.
The BRICS countries have taken a firm stance on the global arena and protect the interests of the majority of world states, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
"Our five countries have taken a firm stance on the international arena and represent a reputable entity," Putin said at a plenary session at a BRICS summit in South Africa.
The authority of the organization is constantly being strengthened because its goals meets the aspirations of the main part of the international community — the "so-called world majority," Putin added.
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BRICS countries support the formation of a multipolar world order, based on the rule of international law along with the right of self-determination for all peoples, the president said, adding that the five BRICS countries oppose hegemony and the policy of neocolonialism.

On Ukrainian Crisis and Special Military Operation

Russia's actions in Ukraine are meant to put an end to the war that was unleashed against civilians by Kiev and supported by the West, Vladimir Putin said in his address.
"Russia has decided to support people who are fighting for their culture, for their traditions and their language, their future. Our actions in Ukraine are guided by only one thing — to put an end to the war that was unleashed by the West and their satellites in Ukraine against the people living in Donbass," Putin said at a plenary session at a BRICS summit in South Africa.

On Development Path for BRICS

Vladimir Putin said it is high time to establish permanent commission on transport within BRICS framework, which will work on logistics.
"An important priority for the BRICS interaction is the creation of new sustainable and safe transport routes ... We believe that the time has come to establish a permanent transport commission within the framework of BRICS, which would deal not only with the North-South project, but also, on a broader scale, with the development of logistics and transport corridors," Putin stressed.
Russia also looks forward to intensifying cooperation between the BRICS countries in the field of research, the president said, adding that Moscow is ready to share technologies.
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He stressed that BRICS countries must expand settlements in national currencies and enhance cooperation between banks.
"We will contribute to the further comprehensive implementation of the BRICS economic partnership strategy until 2025 and the development of new long-term guidelines. Among them, we see a need in increasing the role of our states in the international monetary and financial system, the development of interbank cooperation, the expansion of the use of national currencies and the deepening of cooperation between tax, customs, and antimonopoly authorities," Putin said at a plenary session at the BRICS summit in South Africa.

On Women’s Role in Economy and Politics

Russia supports holding a separate ministerial meeting of BRICS member states on women, whose role in the economy and politics of countries should increase, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.
"We totally support the proposal by our South African colleagues on organizing a separate ministerial meeting on women, whose role in the political, economic and social life should undoubtedly expand," Putin said.
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On Next Year BRICS Summit

Russia will chair BRICS next year and will host the summit of the leaders in the city of Kazan in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.
"Next year, the BRICS chairmanship will be passed to Russia... We are planning about 200 political, economic and social events, which will be hosted in a dozen Russian cities. At the same time, we plan to hold the BRICS summit in October 2024 in Kazan," Putin said at a plenary session at a BRICS summit in South Africa.
Specific dates will be agreed through diplomatic channels, the president added.
Putin also invited the BRICS countries to take part in the international cultural forum, which is scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg on November 16-18, as the event could become a platform for dialogue about the future of culture in the world.
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