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Which Are the World's Largest Economies?

The veritable economic onslaught unleashed by the United States and its allies upon Russia amid the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict has apparently led to consequences that the strategists in the White House and Brussels did not anticipate or desire.
While US President Joe Biden boasted last year that Western sanctions reduced the Russian ruble to “rubble,” Russia’s economy managed to endure everything the US and its cohorts threw at it and emerged stronger than before.
In a development that likely comes as a surprise to quite a few naysayers in the West, Russia’s economy now ranks as one of the word’s five strongest economies, having surpassed Germany in terms of purchasing power parity.
Check out this infographic by Sputnik and see what are the largest economies in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Americas, as well as which economies exactly comprise the world’s top 5.
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