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First GOP Debate, France Mulls Niger Intervention, Child Care Costs

First GOP Debate, France Mulls Niger Intervention, Child Care Costs
A “mean” political atmosphere might make for a fun first GOP debate tonight, and another house mysteriously explodes.
Author and West Coast Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition Richard Becker joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss what to expect from the BRICS summit this week in South Africa, the likelihood that BRICS will accept some of the dozens of nations interested in membership, the devastating effects of Hurricane Hilary in the desert regions of the Southwestern US, how California has failed at disaster prevention and water conservation, why Hawaii saw so many fatalities from the Maui fires, Washington’s long-term plans for Syria, how the US swaps friends and foes in that country, and rumors about a possible French intervention in Niger.
Author and journalist Daniel Lazare discusses the first Republican debates in Milwaukee tonight and how the absence of former President Donald Trump will affect the atmosphere and outcome, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani turning himself into Georgia authorities, whether Trump’s former chief of staff is in more hot water, attempts by US legislatures to band the ownership of farmland by Chinese nationals, the resignation of a Hawaiian disaster response official, and the reemergence of another risk of a government shutdown.
Doctor and activist Margaret Flowers discusses rising costs of child care in the United States, how expiring pandemic-era relief for parents is aggravating the crisis, why child care expenses are on the rise in the first place, how tying benefits to jobs affects how American business owners can control workers, and the rise of COVID rates across the US.
The Misfits also discuss how ignoring official warnings seemed to help some Maui residents survive, whether the world will witness a new Fyre Festival, how trying to stiff a widow might bring down an alleged tax fraud dynasty, and why questions about Hunter Biden’s business deals aren’t going away.
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